Stones &Tiles


This time it’s a project I did back in 2005.

Bringing the outside inside is not a new concept. Sometimes though, people change aspects of their home to make it their own which sometimes is the thorn in the next owner’s side.
A woman had lived in her house for 20 years with a stone wall that the previous owner had painted the cement between the stones black. She finally decided it was time for a change. She called me to see what I could do to fix it. She also wanted a slate tile floor installed in front of the stone wall as they were going to put in a wood burner.
Looking at the stone wall it did look different with black coloured cement. What to use to make it white? Painting it would just look much like it looked now ….. painted! It wouldn’t look like natural cement. The stone wall with the cement painted black. There is only one thing I could think of that I could use other than real cement and I wasn’t about to go there! Tile grout! So I set out with plastic everywhere and mixed small amounts of grout as this would be tedious and I didn’t want the grout to harden before I could put it on. Using small paint brushes my helper and I started to paint on the grout.

It took me and my helper about 8 hours to put the grout on.After the grout has been applied.The stone’s colours are vibrant and whole room looks fabulous!


Now to set the slate tile….
The cement floor where the slate is to be set.

The following day I tackled the slate. Wonderful to work with this slate! It’s very fragile until  pieces pop off at their leisure and others completely break at will! None the less it looks stunning when finally finished.

Slate is set and it must be left for 24 hours before grouting.

It was a really easy job, mostly straight cuts and just a couple fancy cuts to accommodate stone that jut out from the wall, nothing to write home about. I had the floor laid in about 4 hours. Using thin set mortar.

Leaving it for 24 hours to completely set the mortar I came back to grout, using the same grout from the stone wall. Grouting took about an hour including slake time. Then a 45 min wait before washing it. Trying to get the grout out of the imperfections in the slate was nearly impossible as you can see in the photo.  But even with that the floor looks great. VOILA!

It looks like what I’d imagined when complete, the colours flow and the home owner was so excited that the black paint was gone!

Thank you and come back soon I hope to have more content.



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