Kitchens are for more than just cookin’….

It is said the kitchen is the heart of the home & I believe that….

Bringing the outside Inside is the newest rage in home décor. Stone is beautiful, combining the two, means $$ added to your resale value and makes the Heart of your home look stunning!

Tiling the backsplash in stone will bring that elegant look to your culinary area without the huge costs you expect.  The backsplash area is prime real estate, the first thing that catches the eye when you walk in IF it pops. If your cabinets are slightly out dated or bland, then this blog is for you.

My client fell in love with 4 x 4  neutral Rustic Ivory Tumbled Travertine.  At 39 cents ea, her tile was a whopping $42 for the 10 sq ft area. I purchased the tile at a discount store with the best deals in my area. These tiles are rough to semi-smooth and some have holes and pitting, nice texture & very “Tuscany” looking. My client’s stove is not near the counter so this tile is ok to set as there will be no grease or splattered food.

This is the before shot of the backsplash. Old plastic tile was removed & any loose mastic (glue) was scraped off .   I started by putting up a vinyl finished edge, properly squared from under the cabinet to the edge of the counter. 



I then spread the white premixed thinset mortar on the backsplash. Starting at the top left corner of the vinyl bead I installed, I then set the first full tile in the top left corner, followed with 2 more below & filling in with 5 full tiles to the right, the corner and the bottom rows will need to be cut. I left about 1/8” spaces between the tiles for grout. I used a water saw to make the cuts as these are stone like and very hard so a regular tile cutter would not

work.    I love tiling; it’s fairly easy and in some instances allows for some flair & artistic expression. This backsplash took me about 4 hours in total to set. Waiting 48 hours before grouting, I tried to grout using a pastry or piping bag with a plain round hole tip to squeeze the grout in the 1/8” lines so as not to get grout in the characteristic holes and pitting of these gorgeous tiles, but it only worked for a few minutes so I managed to get those ‘hard to reach with a float’ areas with the piping bag and the large areas I did with the float.  I washed it was I went along to try to keep the grout out of the pitting & holes. It looks like it’s been there for many years. The client and I are very happy how it turned out.

Tumbled Ivory Travertine Tile is set

Looking very 'Tuscany"

VOILA! Tumbled Ivory Travertine backsplash!








Once grout is dry I will seal the tile and run a nice thin bead of clear silicone along the edge of the counter where it meets the tile, making the area resistant to water etc. 



A nice job for a couple afternoons. This tile is timeless, looks like a million bucks & ups the

Ageless Tuscan beauty!

resale value of the home, what more could you ask for!

Thanx for stopping in. Happy Home Improving!



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