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A client who seen a striped bathroom in a home décor magazine wanted these

Starting with white walls

Starting with white walls

same stripes in her bathroom.   I was skeptical about the look. Sometimes magazine photos and real life are totally different. But I do love a challenge. So I started with painting the room white.






I drew lines with a level, about 10 inches wide.  Working without tape because I didn’t want the tape to pull off my fresh coat of white I started to paint the yellow. Cutting was tedious but it went fast, as I recall the whole room of stripes took me about 16-18 hours.


Stripes done in sunshine yellow

Very cool stripes done in sunshine yellow.



My client was very happy with her new stripes but the colour did not match the floor.



Now who says you can’t paint a floor?

On a very tight budget she didn’t want to put a lot of time or money into a new floor. She preferred to wait until she could save her money and put in a beautiful tile floor.


I mentioned to my client that I had painted a floor before to look like faux marble.If she wanted we could paint her bathroom floor buying her some time (a year or two) to save for that tile floor she really wanted.  She said “Let’s do it!”

The Floor Before

The Floor - Before

The Floor - Before

I had to level the floor in a couple areas and sand them, then I put a nice coat of Rustoleum high gloss white on the vinyl floor,  not too bad looking but 2 more coats were needed, lightly sanding with 120 grit sandpaper in between coats. The whole floor took probably 5 hours total but 4 days start to finish with drying time in between coats.

The Floor After

Finished Floor

Finished Floor - very shiny



Finished Floor - very elegant

Rustoleum is an oil base product for painting metal and should only be used in well ventilated condition using a respirator mask when applying. It is available in several pre-mixed colours.



One year later my client called me, she had gotten the tub area tiled in a beautiful off white subway tile, and the floor done in white marble with veins of gray. She wanted me to re-paint those stripes.

Gorgeous subway tile!

Gorgeous subway tile!

It was absolutely stunning but did not go with the yellow stripes.





The New Marble Floor



We matched the paint  to the veins in the floor and I set out once again to paint the stripes. Much easier this time around and here are the final photos of her finished bathroom.






Beautiful gray stripes

Beautiful gray stripes

She had a very elegant pedestal sink installed after I was finished.  Unfortunately I don’t have photos of that…..yet!

I hope you have enjoyed the magazine stripes, please come back again soon for more DIY with Tool Diva …..

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