A Painter’s Friends….

A Painter’s Friends….
Every Painter has ‘friends’ that make their work stand out. The most used is latex caulking. It fills in areas that paint won’t and is faster than other mediums. I prefer Dap brand myself but there are so many brands, try them all and you’ll end up with your own fav.
Apply caulk to any spaces that shouldn’t be there; like along door and window trim, baseboards, where the base doesn’t meet the wallboard etc… Any where you see gaps. You’ll need a good caulking gun, I recommend a dripless, it’s a few extra dollars but well worth it when it comes to handling. Always cut your caulk tube on a 45 degree angle as well it will produce a beautiful bead and your job will look better. Drag a moistened finger over the area caulked and wipe the excess onto a wet rag, smoothing it so as it fills the gaps and is not readily seen. Rinse your rag often.

Now for filling tiny nail holes whether painting walls or furniture, I love to use glazing. Yes glazing! If I’m painting with oil I use the old glazing putty, for latex I use the new latex putty. It doesn’t shrink and there’s no sanding, just a wipe after. It works perfectly. Now for larger holes you will need compound like CGC or Sheetrock. You can buy these in pre-mixed tubs of various sizes for various size jobs (easier) or in powder where you mix yourself with water, to your own consistency (it’s a lot like mixing icing). These powders come in small boxes for little jobs and large bags for large jobs. Since it has a chemical process for drying time, it comes in 5-20-45 & 90 minute applications, meaning the number is the amount of time the product takes to set up. If you are a newbie to DIY projects your best bet would be the premix or the 90 min powder. Follow instructions on the tub or bag for best results.

To apply compound you will need good “knives” where the blade is pliable-flexible, not stiff, so spend accordingly. They come in various widths for various working areas. I suggest buying one of each width up to what you would feel comfortable with. My largest is 8″ and I have a 12″ trowel. I buy the same name brand as well. These tools will be your friends and looking after them is crucial for your work. The knife blades will rust and should be cleaned and dried after each use. They should be smooth and straight with no nicks and no bends. You’ll also need a mud pan or a hawk. I personally use a mud pan as my arms are not like Arnold’s so a hawk would be too heavy for me.

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