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Thank you for stopping by my blog on your way thru cyberspace. Let me tell you about “me” so you will know where I’m coming from and what you can expect from my blogs. I am Moyra (short for Moyralyn) the “Tool Diva”. I’ve been working professionally in the building trades since 1983, but I have been doing this since I was 17, learning to paint and hang wallpaper. Over the years I worked for friends for free or bartered for items before ever getting paid “the big bucks”. I don’t really have a great resume of education but I do have talent & experience & plenty of photos.

My father was a carpenter/cabinetmaker, I loved watching him build things. I started to refinish old furniture pieces in 1976 and loved it.  I went to night school for cabinetmaking but only completed level one. I had 3 children,  a home and a job to maintain first.  So my dream had to wait and I never did get back to further my courses. 🙁

I later went to school for ceramic tile installations.  Over the years I have worked for other companies; building parts for brand new Georgian style homes, painting companies and several renovation businesses and today I have my own small business.  I have laid floors, kicked carpet, framed, boarded & taped & tiled, you name it I’ve done it!  I am older now, can’t do the same heavy work I could 20 or even 10 years ago. So now I work at my first love … painting interiors and I consult when asked. Now once again I am about to learn how to put my “Moyra Magic” experience down in word form so that YOU can benefit from my expertise. So, with the reading of my blog, “the Moyra the Better” off you’ll be. 🙂

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have specific questions about your DIY projects, if I cannot answer them myself I will research and provide links to those who can.

I do hope YOU will come back regularly and I shall try my best to provide easy ideas and instructions on simple home improvement projects.
Thank you again for taking time from  your busy day and stopping by Tool Diva’s blog.


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